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This is what we are really good at and interested in: mathematics based solutions and analysis. Recent projects were development of trading strategies by evolutionary algorithms, recommendation system for internet media provider, development of anomalous weather patterns predictions system by machine learning techniques, NIALM ie nonivasive appliance load monitoring. We have worked in application of mathematics, computational finance, pattern recognition, learning algorithms, image processing, economics, simulation, programming, trading, genetics, sentiment analysis, filtering. Development of algorithms, data analysis, data mining, predictive analytics, time series analysis, neural networks, harmonic analysis, signal processing, anomalous weather patterns, GIS, radar signal processing.

Our team has a vast background in modelling with stochastic processes, financial markets, model validation, pricing of derivatives, OCR, classifier systems, statistical analysis, fuzzy logic, algorithm modeling, algorithmic trading, backtesting, optimization, quantitative finance, agent-based modeling ,artificial life, NetLogo, Logo, recommendation systems, genetic programming and genetic algorithms.

We are proficient in statistical simulation model development and rapid prototyping in high-level languages. Strong proposal writing skills including business, SBIR, and technical white paper development.

Advanced Skills

Augmented Reality
Data Encrypition
Penetration Testing
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Neural Networks
3D geometry
3D Scanning
Mesh Algorithms
Numerical Methods
Common Lisp

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