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The digital space of the world is now conquered by cloud computing technologies.In simple terms,it is a computing model that generates web-based software and computing services on demand.This model utilizes server and storage virtualization extensively to allocate/reallocate resources rapidly.The cloud computing technology gives you the advantage of a simplified cost and consumption model.

Gurudev Informatics specializes in cloud based services which empowers the computing resources for end-users.Our cloud computing services are enabled for Software as a Service (SaaS),Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).Our cloud servers enable you to have continuous access to your secure data through virtualization,making them resistant to adverse circumstances and allowing you to consolidate existing servers to reduce costs.


How can cloud computing benefit you?


The cloud computing solutions of Gurudev Informatics can address a variety of application and infrastructure needs such as CRM,database,compute,and data storage.

All the IT resources can be utilized within minutes,in contrast to the traditional manner,where software and hardware are funded up front by department and implemented over a period of months.

As a result,organizations have greater agility and can manage expenses more efficiently.Similarly,consumers utilize cloud computing services to simplify application utilization,store,share,and protect content,and enable access from any web-connected device.


    What we offer?


  • Amazon Cloud App Management
  • Google Cloud solutions
  • Microsoft Azure Application solutions
  • Rationalizing the existing infrastructure & applications
  • Create cloud architectures with appropriate standards, governance, and reference architectures
  • Creation of appropriate cost mode
  • Identify and assess possible SaaS alternatives
  • Migrate infrastructure to a cloud bursting model and provide strategic road map
  • Help applications requiring SOA development consulting and support

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