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Let’s talk about that wearable bandwagon

Wearable technology seems to be the latest buzz, but how many people have actually jumped on the bandwagon? Apple’s recently launched smartwatch was the latest addition to wearable tech gadgets. While it drew significant interest, recent research by GlobalWebIndex suggests that most adults are not partaking in the wearable technology trend.

GlobalWebIndex surveyed 170,000 adults, across 32 markets and only 9 percent report owning a smartwatch and a mere 7 percent own smart wristbands. This is in heavy contrast to the 80 percent of adult who own a smartphone.

While smartphone ownership has reached an all-time high, according to the survey, it has yet to overtake the 91 percent of people who current use PCs to access the Internet. A surprising fact of the research: only 47 percent of those surveyed use a tablet.

Wearable’s Split

In the nascent world of wearables, there have been two camps. The fitness trackers, like a Fitbit or a Jawbone, and the smartwatches, like Android Wear and the Apple Watch. The common thinking has been that these two camps will soon converge, and there’s been a lot of evidence that such a future is not far off. Fitness tracking is a big component of the Apple Watch and a number of Android Wear devices, and Fitbit’s latest models have a lot of smartwatch capabilities to augment their fitness tracking.

Yet while many smartwatches have fitness tracking and many fitness trackers have smartwatch features, both options demand compromises. You either choose between great fitness-tracking features or smartwatch productivity.

All Possible Wearables in Future

Wearable App Design & Development

Wearable Technology is one of the hottest topics in technology and consumer electronics industries. By the end of 2014, there were more than 35 million wearable devices in use. The growth of wearable devices has created a huge market for startups, enterprises and individual app developers. Thanks to Android Wear, Samsung Gear and other wearable devices that are incorporated with mobile applications are now helping people enhance their lives, staying healthy and being more productive. And this trend is expected to get a major boost with the arrival of Apple iWatch in April, 2015.
Many businesses are now recognizing the need to build an app for wearable devices or integrate their existing mobile application with wearables. But, wearable app development can be challenging due to the technology being still unripe. Choosing the right developer is very crucial to the success of your app. You need a matured development partner to reduce the chances of failure.


Why Choose Gurudev Informatics As Your Wearable App Development Partner?


Gurudev Informatics has 14 years of experience in mobile application development space. We’ve been building mobile experiences since feature phone era. In the fast changing mobile application industry, we continue to pioneer the creation of top-class experiences for mobile and wearable devices. We’ve groomed some of the finest design and engineering talents for wearable application development. Innovation and design focused professional services team of Gurudev Informatics is all set and prepared to work with bootstrapping entrepreneurs, startups and large enterprises to build applications for wearables.


Exclusive Design Thinking for Wearable Apps


Design prototyping for wearable apps is more challenging than designing smartphone apps. Wearable devices have smaller screens that are attached to our body and constantly in movement which requires a different design approach. We thoroughly understand this and follow a minimalistic design approach to create engaging user experiences for wearable apps. To ensure that we take you through the path of success, we have hired and grown award winning designers who have years of experience in creating world-class user experiences on various platforms and devices.

We’ve built your smartphone apps for years, now we are extending it to your wearable devices


Since 2007, Gurudev Informatics has been at the forefront of application development for Android and iOS. The years of experience has given us command over building apps for these operating systems. Leveraging this experience, we’re now extending our app development solutions to iOS and Android powered wearable devices.

Expert Apple WatchKit And Android Wearable SDK Developers


As a leading mobile app developer, our engineering capabilities are directed by the latest technology drifts. Our engineering team is well-versed with the latest Apple WatchKit SDK and Android Wear SDK. Gurudev Informatics’s wearable app development team has the ability to unbolt and leverage the full potential of the amazing Apple WatchKit and Android Wearable SDK.

Product + Customer Centric Approach


When you partner with Gurudev Informatics, you are not only partnering with a solution providers but a company that has built award-winning mobile development products from scratch. Being both product and customer centric company, you get access to some of the best product experts and innovators in design and technology who can guide you in creating successful products and solutions for your customers.

One Stop Shop To Build & Manage Your Wearable App


Most app developers can assist you in building your wearable app. But there is hardly any app development company that has specialized knowledge or expertise in cloud hosting and infra service. Gurudev Informatics’s Cloud Services team was the first mobile product team to deploy on the AWS infrastructure. Once your application is ready, our team will work with you to make rapid iterations to your app and scale up/down service based on the number of users.

What are you waiting for?

Build the Next-Generation

Wearable App with Us.

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