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Gurudev Informatics is an “A to Z” Web development company that always keeps its services up to date with the latest market trends, providing customers all over the world with best-of-class, easily extensible Internet products. Our solutions range from custom website designs to business application development of any complexity.
After an in-depth analysis of your situation, we work with you to devise smart solutions that deliver measurable results. Solutions that fuse strategy, creativity, and technology to enhance marketing campaigns, automate processes, improve communication. Solutions that powerfully connect your message with your audience.

What we do depends entirely on what you need. Because each project presents its own challenges, our solutions come in many forms. Explore our solutions by making a selection from the following Services.


We develop only high-quality mobile applications that help companies and individuals to increase business productivity and efficiency. Quality is a top priority in our service. We try to a large extent to stay away from building cross platform apps that are not Native. We have found that more often than not, these cheap apps are inherent with a myriad of problems. So basically, we stick to quality and exceptional end product delivery principles by not cutting corners.


Our employees’ experience in software development for our clients reaches a total of 300 man years. We have an outstanding proven track record with a number of successful apps delivered to customers as well as our own projects.

Talented Team

A unique combination of talents and skills gathered in house allows our team of more than 200 staff , to offer a wide array of services in mobile app and game development spheres. Together with innovation and quality we propose the most effective solutions for customers’ needs.

Carefully elaborated app-building process

We analyze customer requirements very carefully and recommend most suitable solutions taking into consideration ease of use, scalability, portability across mobile platforms, user experience and future upgrades.

Knowledge and Technologies

  • Embedded Language Skills
    LanC++/MFC/Obj C, SQL, HTML 5, PHP, CUDA, OpenCV, etc.
  • Object Oriented Programming
    Client-Server applications, Object-Oriented analysis and design, Unix programming.
  • Mobile Application development
    iOS, Android, Windows Mobile (C#), Blackberry, Samsung Bada,Phonegap.
  • Mobile Device Management for all platforms
    -Social Devlopment intergration (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, Google+ and Instagram etc.)
    -Cloud Drive intergration (Dropbox, Box and SkyDrive etc.)
    -Google Map & Geolocation & GPS -Web APIs & Parser & Backend Mobile App
    -Video/Audio Streaming -Almost Ad service such as admob, adwhirl ,etc.
    -Push Notification for all platforms
    -In-App purchase & In-app Billing -QR Code & Bar Code by ZXing.
  • Graphical User Interface.
    MAYA, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Zbrush, Corel Draw
  • Mobile Application Tools
    – Cocos2D
    – Box2D
    – OpenGL
    – Corona
    – Unity3D
    – Open feint
    – iAd
    – In-App Purchase
    – Multiplayer Game
    – All Advertisement(TapJoy, BcfAds, Apsalar, ChartBoost, Flurry, AirShip, Sponsorpay, Mobclix) – SQLite.
  • Social Development Kits
    – Facebook
    – Twitter
    – Google API
    – Audio Streaming
    – MonoTouch
    – SenchaTouch  – we try not to work on this as much as possible.
    – Titanium  – we try not to work on this as much as possible.
    – Phonegap – we try not to work on this as much as possible.
    – PHP
    – HTML and MySQL
  • Augment Reality Application Development Tools
    Augmented Reality App Development (Metaio, Vuforia, PointCloud.IO, DFusion;Fusion, String, ARToolKit, etc)
  • Game Development
    – game design
    – multiplayer game
    – game center and openfeint
    – Cocos2d, Cocos2dX, opengl, particle system, animation
    – Box2d
    – Unity3d
    – Corona
    – GameSalad
    – RPG game
    – Puzzle games
    – Card games
    – Casino games, slot machine games – endless running 2d & 3d games – arcade game
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Mobile payment gateway integration
  • USSD integration
  • Much more.

We will beat any quote for mobile app development. Kindly contact us for more details.

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